Thursday, August 15, 2019

Noise & your Community

Yelling, music, engines, children, stomping, barking.  Noise violations are one of the most common complaints in any community, particularly in mid-rise and garden-style condominiums, though anywhere that people live together can become noisy.  Some neighbors are quite considerate.  Others… not so much. 

What should you do when one of your neighbors is being overly loud on a regular basis?  Having it happen once or twice in a while is okay, but repeatedly can cause stress for anyone, in any home.  There are several potential steps to take:

  1. Try speaking to your neighbor calmly and directly or leaving a note. Often your neighbors don’t realize their behavior is aggravating.  Do not do this if it makes you feel unsafe, as is sometimes the case.
  2. Report it to your management company.  Most communities have what is referred to as a “quiet enjoyment” clause, though the language in the specific rule in your documents might be different.  This will let the association penalize someone if they do not alter the offensive behavior, though it frequently is a slow process.
  3. If it is a genuinely life-disrupting amount of noise (leading to loss of sleep, etc.) then there are also noise ordinances in every County and Baltimore City.  Reporting it to the local authorities can seem like a drastic step, but it is sometimes the only way to get an immediate resolution.

These are only suggestions.  Please feel free to write in with questions or alternative methods!

Contributor: Christian Klarner, an American Community Management; Community Manager at ACM 8/15/19

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Get Your Last Summer Dip in the Pool

NEED SOME RELAXATION? Get to the Pool...

The beautiful warm days of summer are swiftly coming to an end… it’s so sad because it seems like it only just began.  So, before it all comes to an end take the time to MAKE A SPLASH at the pool. 

Did you know the pool is a great convenient option to relax and unwind. It can be a great place to regroup and release the stresses of the week while enjoying the sun.  

So get some pool R&R before summer ends. 

Make a plan or just go whenever you get the urge... but Have a Safe Fun Time!

Remember these cool tips for safety at the pool:

      • Protect your skin with SUNSCREEN/ SUNBLOCK:  Apply continuously and generously
      • Seek SHADE when possible.
      • AVOID burning if you are tanning.
      • CHECK the UV index before you go…

pool safety:
      • WATCH 👀 small children at all time and suit them up with inflatables.
      • Toddlers and infants should always be accompanied by an adult in the pool within arm’s reach or in arms.
      • AVOID distractions like the cellphone and deep engaging conversation with another adult when supervising your children.
      • Avoid running around and hazardous playing on pools decks.
      • Avoid rough playing and dangerous diving practices in the pool.

Pool Season in our communities comes to an end on LABOR DAY.

If you don’t know how to swim it's never too late to make plans to take lessons.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Press Release: American Community Management Under New Ownership

American Community Management Under New Ownership

Long-time ACM Employee Buys Industry-Leading Firm

July 23,  2019

HANOVER, MarylandAmerican Community Management today announced that President and CEO Theresa McCoy is its new owner following McCoy’s purchase of the management company from founder Mel Herzberger. McCoy and Herzberger finalized the purchase on July 9.

Herzberger, who founded ACM in 2001 by merging two management companies in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area, will remain on as an adviser to the company.

McCoy joined ACM in 2009 as vice president of accounting. She was appointed COO in 2015 and then president and CEO in 2018. During her tenure, McCoy has been instrumental in implementing numerous managerial and financial reporting and banking enhancements.

As president, McCoy directs the day-to-day operations of ACM, servicing more than 200 HOAs and condominiums in Maryland, and oversaw an experienced staff of 70 professionals working in community administrative management, accounting and property management. Under her leadership, she introduced operational efficiencies and explored business development opportunities while continuing to deliver on ACM’s core and ancillary services—always with a client-focused approach.

A certified public accountant, McCoy has nearly 20 years of experience working with management in a variety of businesses. Prior to joining ACM, McCoy served as an assistant controller with an international hotel chain; a senior finance officer with two multi-million dollar international non-profits; a senior development accountant for a real estate developer/management company; and as vice president of accounting/controller for a housing finance agency where she led an accounting system migration and delivery of a timely billion-dollar audit.

As ACM’s new owner, McCoy says she will endeavor to enhance ACM’s distinguished reputation of delivering impeccable customer service. The company’s new customer service call center is an example of this commitment. In addition, she plans to introduce a renewed approach to community management that focuses on relationship building, trust, integrity and hiring and empowering the best professionals in the business.

McCoy says she is also committed to leveraging technological advances to support the needs of ACM’s communities; protecting the association’s financial assets; working with vendor partners; and streamlining the volunteer work of its board members. Among her first initiatives as owner are a planned reorganization and rebranding of the company.

“I’m honored and grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Herzberger for granting me this amazing opportunity to carry on their legacy and implement my vision to expand on the incredible successes of ACM,” McCoy says. “It isn’t every day that an employee gets the chance to become an owner of a company in a unique industry with long-term and dedicated clients.”

Added Herzberger: “Having been in the residential and commercial real estate management industry since the late 1960s, I have had the good fortune to work with a variety of individuals who have been the most innovative and successful people in their chosen fields. When my wife and I decided to move on from our management of ACM, we looked for a company owner who would build on our work and move the company forward to the next level of success. We found that person and she was already our chief executive officer.” 

McCoy is a Washington, DC native and graduate of George Washington University where she received a degree in business administration in finance on a full academic scholarship. She was honored as a national scholar of the Horatio Alger Association for Distinguished Americans and continues to support this organization, which provides college scholarships to underprivileged youth. She enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and training young professionals and has a passion for mentoring youth and aspiring homeowners. 

American Community Management Inc. was founded in 2001 and has since emerged as one of the most prominent management firms in Maryland, servicing more than 28,000 households within over 200 residential properties, and an additional half-million square feet of office condominiums.