Happy Halloween

Tradition says All Hallow's Eve is the night of the year when the veil between the world of the dead and the world of the living is at its thinnest and spirits a come across to cause havoc. Thankfully we haven't had any reports of ghosts so far in our communities!  Today, the trouble for most people on Halloween is two-fold: there are dozens or even hundreds of children going through neighborhoods that need to be protected from cars or other potential hazards and there are teenagers or other mischief-makers looking to cause damage or problems. These are the real treats and the tricks of Halloween.

Please be mindful of the children and increased traffic in your neighborhood--no one wants a tragedy.   As for the tricks, if you see something, please say something-- even in the spirit of fun, no one should be damaging their neighbors' property or causing pain or problems for the other members of your community this Halloween.

Again, Happy Halloween!  Have a scary good time!