Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Report Provided to Board’s in ACM’s Monthly Management Report

Beginning in July, 2014, ACM will be providing a detailed Call and Note log report for each association. This report will track calls and important notes for each unit of the association for the Board to review from the previous month. As always, ACM’s main goal is making community information as transparent as possible for the Board of Director’s that we work with. Our online management system, SenEarthCo, recently rolled out a new report feature that is allowing us to track and create a report for the calls and notes applying to each unit. Be sure to check the Administrative section of July’s management report to review the new report! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

ACM Office Summer Hours

Beginning Friday, June 27, 2014, ACM offices will be closing at 1:00 PM on Friday's through August 29, 2014. Should you have an emergency during that time, please call (410) 997-7767 and follow the prompts for emergency services. We wish everyone a safe and happy Summer!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer has Arrived!

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Summer in 2014! Do you have any home improvement projects planned? Be sure to visit us at to enter your architectural application directly online!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ACM News: Insurance discussed at June Community Manager Team Meeting

Insurance was the focus of ACM's June Community Manager (CM) Team meeting this morning.  The year's cold winter produced many pipe breaks and leaks, causing insurance coverage issues and questions.  CM team members shared cases and exchanged ideas for solutions and ways to offer support to Associations facing tough situations.

Today's guest speakers were Connie Phillips and Orlando Dorsey of Phillips Condominium Group. Below, Community Manager, Carol Allen makes the introduction:

 The Phillips Group presentation shared with the CM Team how their company serves condominium Associations through analyzing Association's insurance needs to offer them the best coverage fit.  Community Managers learned tips for planning insurance budgets with cost projections and ideas for keeping insurance costs down.

Thanks to Connie Phillips and her team for a valuable and informative insurance presentation!