Get Your Last Summer Dip in the Pool

NEED SOME RELAXATION? Get to the Pool...

The beautiful warm days of summer are swiftly coming to an end… it’s so sad because it seems like it only just began.  So, before it all comes to an end take the time to MAKE A SPLASH at the pool. 

Did you know the pool is a great convenient option to relax and unwind. It can be a great place to regroup and release the stresses of the week while enjoying the sun.  

So get some pool R&R before summer ends. 

Make a plan or just go whenever you get the urge... but Have a Safe Fun Time!

Remember these cool tips for safety at the pool:

      • Protect your skin with SUNSCREEN/ SUNBLOCK:  Apply continuously and generously
      • Seek SHADE when possible.
      • AVOID burning if you are tanning.
      • CHECK the UV index before you go…

pool safety:
      • WATCH 👀 small children at all time and suit them up with inflatables.
      • Toddlers and infants should always be accompanied by an adult in the pool within arm’s reach or in arms.
      • AVOID distractions like the cellphone and deep engaging conversation with another adult when supervising your children.
      • Avoid running around and hazardous playing on pools decks.
      • Avoid rough playing and dangerous diving practices in the pool.

Pool Season in our communities comes to an end on LABOR DAY.

If you don’t know how to swim it's never too late to make plans to take lessons.