Going Electronic - The ACM Difference!

Did your management company charge you a one-time set up fee when they were hired to represent your community? How about a set-up fee for website services as well as a monthly website maintenance fee? Better yet, does your association pay for electronic communication with your homeowners or for electronic storage of association records? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you are paying more than you should for management services. Sure, your monthly management fee may be low, but are you really getting “Full Community Management” services if there is a charge for everything else?

If ACM represented your association, you would be able to answer NO to every one of the above questions. There is NO transition or set up fee if you hire ACM to represent your community. There is NO website set up fee or monthly maintenance fee. Our interactive client portal is included with both levels of service we offer to clients at no additional charge. Even better, our website service actually saves your association money each month! There is no charge to send communication or store association files electronically. Actually, the more electronic and paperless your community becomes, the less money you spend on administrative costs overall.

At ACM, electronic = reduced costs. It’s that simple. That’s why we encourage our homeowners to register and utilize our client portal website, www.acmhome.com, developed specially for ACM. We’re proud of our services and strive to provide the highest quality community management at the most affordable price.

If you are interested in obtaining a proposal for ACM services, please visit us online at www.communitymanagers.net and click the green “Request a Proposal” button to see how you can save your association money today!