The ACM Gym Is Open For Business

At ACM, we value our employees and place great emphasis on helping them lead fit and healthy lifestyles. As part of our recent office build-out, we added new offices, conference rooms and suites to our home office in Hanover, MD. Now, we are opening a brand new fitness center exclusively for ACM staff members!

ACM has long provided employees with discounts and credits for gym memberships in order to incentivize a healthy lifestyle throughout our company. However, with routine Board meetings, property inspections, contractor meetings, hearings and special projects, it can be difficult for our team members to find free time for the gym.

Now, ACM’s own gym is open for business! Our facility includes elliptical machines, bench presses, lifting stations, treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, free weights and a wall-mounted big-screen television. We are proud of this initiative and encourage all ACM staff, clients and partners to join us in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.