ACM Announces an Exciting New Community Portal Experience

A faster, friendlier ACMHome is on the horizon!  ACM is excited to announce a new software platform set to launch later this Fall!

This platform will replace SenEarthco.  Since 2010, when ACM launched SenEarthCo, we have been collecting feedback from our clients in order to continuously improve and refine usability, efficiency and transparency.  In order to best incorporate those features most needed by our clients, we began searching outside our current platform.  ACM talked with several software companies to find a platform that would provide the transparency and tracking everyone wanted.  After a long and extensive search, ACM has chosen to partner with eUnify.

eUnify's unique platform will provide users with comparable features currently available with SenEarthCo, plus many new key features:

  • Creation of an Action Item list
  • Submission of a request directly through the website (enabling fewer emails and increased response time)!
  • Online Voting
  • A fully integrated mobile app for field work
  • And so much more!
Sample Homepage - Desktop

Fieldwork Mobile App

Stay tuned for more details on the exciting launch of eUnify…..bringing you a faster, more user-friendly, ACMHome!