American Community Management now offers FHA and VA Certification services!  

In today’s marketplace, FHA and VA certifications have become excellent ways to improve the overall marketability of condominium communities. Obtaining FHA and VA certifications ensures buyers and owners have access to all financing options, provides broader purchasing and refinancing options, and establishes a precedent for ongoing compliance with current lending standards.

American Community Management is pleased to announce that we are now offering FHA and VA application processing services to our communities! By hiring ACM, communities will save time and energy accessing and organizing the numerous pieces of documentation required during the application process. This service includes prescreening eligibility, procuring all required documentation, reviewing and organizing all materials per HUD specifications, and submitting the completed package to HUD for final approval.

The average turn around time for FHA certification approval is typically 60-90 days, depending on how quickly the application is processed by HUD. ACM makes no guarantees regarding timeframes or approvals.

Service Rates are as follows:

FHA Certification - Pertains to communities that have never been FHA Certified or whose certification expired more than six months after the HUD listed expiration date.
Fee: $1,000.00
FHA Recertification - Applies to communities currently FHA certified or whose certification has expired less than six months after the HUD listed expiration date.
Fee: $850.00
VA Certification - This certification is good for the lifetime of a community; once it has been obtained, it never expires.
Fee: $650.00

Please direct questions and processing inquiries to the contact listed below:

Chrystie Reif
American Community Management
410-771-0600 ext. 301