Thursday, May 21, 2015

ACM Staff Apple Training

In ACM’s ongoing effort to transition to Mac computers, we sent our first group of employees to a training session at an Apple store. The Training Specialist at Apple reviewed Mac basics and answered questions from our staff. The Creative Specialist from the Apple Team said that our people were energetic, positive and eager to learn. Here’s what a few of our team members had to say:

The training today was excellent . This was a great opportunity to learn about key features and shortcuts that I was totally unaware of . The instruction was excellent and I left knowing that I can create and organize my files easier and have better overall access to information as I need it. Looking forward to more. 
Regional Manager, Charlene Pindell

Training was great. One of my biggest issues was getting my files and emails organized and now I know how. Sharing, air drop, drop box and so on. If you ever want to sign me up for another class I'm all in.
Community Manager, Michelle Alexander

Training was great! Very informative, showed us short cuts to navigate though systems, as well and filing and organizational techniques. I was very impressed. 
Administrative Assistant, Ashlee Miller

Our training instructors were great. The content of the course covered Finder, Spotlight Search, file and folder creation in Pages, document organization, the utilization of Launchpad, tagging, email and calendar synchronization, as well as a question and answer session. I found it informative overall, despite having used a Mac system for last year. It was beneficial to learn some of the organizational tools and system shortcuts, and to be able to ask some questions specific to my devices.
Chrystie Reif, Director of Training and Website Services

Next up - IPad training and more Mac training for new users.