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It is ACM’s policy that our staff is protected by Workers’ Comp (WC) insurance, and we require contractors employed by our clients to provide a written contract before starting a project and proof of their WC insurance annually, however we must rely on the contractor and/or their insurer to tell us if the policy was cancelled.  We recommend that you protect your community with the addition of Workers’ Compensation insurance through your insurance agent. Brian Finnerty of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. has worked with ACM clients for a number of years and has provided the information below.
Every Condo/HOA should have a
Workers' Compensation Policy
Our Program protects against the exposures every association faces!
The policy is designed to respond to the following types of claims:
a.       An employee of an uninsured contractor is injured at the association and the employer has not provided proper coverage. If the association is required by local authorities to step in as the 'employer' as it relates to benefits owed that injured employee, the policy will respond to that claim.
b.       A volunteer working on behalf of the associations is injured during the course of their duties. The policy will provide typical workers' compensation coverage for medical and rehabilitation costs for that injured volunteer. The wage component is usually zero because there is no 'wage' associated with the work (i.e., they were a volunteer not paid)
Examples of losses paid by our Program:
Risk State         Total Paid        Description
   IL                         $62,972                                 Volunteer fell off ladder and injured knee.
  CA                        $19,264                                 Maintenance worker injured back while lifting stove.
  GA                        $15,710                                 Maintenance worker fell while picking up trash.
  NJ                         $11,677                                 Manager developed hernia while pushing dumpster.
  CA                        $24,500                                 Volunteer fell and landed on head.
For additional information regarding this important coverage please contact
Brian Finnerty
(p) 704-602-3823 (c) 704-560-2471