Community Manager Licensing Bill Defeated

Again, for the fifth consecutive year, community manager certification and licensing legislation offered in both the House and Senate has failed. ACM would like to thank all those who have worked in opposition of this very costly legislation. We appreciate the time you took to read and question the legislation that was being presented in Annapolis. Many of you wrote and contacted members of the legislature in opposition to the legislation and we personally believe that your efforts were significant in the legislatures decision not to pass this legislation again.

This year I attempted to work with members of the committees to shift the licensing and liability from the employee to the company, however my efforts were only partially successful and ultimately I was unable to support the committee's final product. I am going to try again next year and I would very much appreciate your suggestions on this subject and other issues you believe should be addressed by the legislature.

Thank you again.

M.L. Herzberger, Jr.