ACM Enhances Conference/Training Room in Hanover Office

Pictured above is ACM's new Conference Room and Training Facility located in our Hanover, MD office. This room is capable of accommodating 50 people comfortably! A 55 inch presentation screen has also been installed that can be used while conducting meetings and/or training sessions in all three (3) of our conference rooms. We invite communities to use this space for association meetings free of charge. Along with association meetings, we plan on using this space for training sessions and seminars for both Board members and ACM staff.

We are in the process of planning two events for this Fall and Winter, a budget training session and a seminar about alternative energy solutions for community associations. More information will be provided at a later date. Please stop by our new office, 7484 Candlewood Road, Suite H, Hanover, MD to visit us and see this great new conference/training location!