ACM Begins Using Android Tablet

ACM is going Android! In addition to providing an iPad to a member of the Community Management team, ACM Property Manager, Troy Painter, has been using the Android Asus Transformer tablet in the field. The Property Management Department, developed specifically to focus on the physical maintenance of a property, giving the Community Manager more time to focus on governance issues, conducts quarterly walk-throughs of all ACM associations.

Late last week, Troy visited The Gatherings at Lyndwood in Elkridge for the scheduled quarterly walk through. During this property visit, Troy used the Android Asus to take photographs, create any necessary maintenance work orders directly online using ACM's management website SenEarthCo, and completed the quarterly walk through check list to be provided to the Board of Directors in the next monthly management report. The use of tablets in the field streamlines the management process and allows ACM to provide extremely efficient services to our clients.

SenEarthCo, the online management system used by ACM, recently rolled out apps for Android devices, the iPad and the iPhone. Our Community and Property Managers are excited to begin using this app while on-site! ACM is also continuing to research other app options to be used by our employees to provide the most advanced management services to associations.