ACM Participates in Howard County Business Appreciation Week

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, American Community Management (ACM) participated in Howard County Business Appreciation Week. Three (3) county Ambassadors: Ms. Anita Jackson, Mr. Kevin Enright, and Mr. Stephen Rice, visited our office and met with the ACM Senior Staff to learn about our business, discuss issues that are important to us, and find out what the county can do to help ACM grow.

The Ambassadors began the meeting by asking questions about ACM and learning more about the services we provide to community associations. They asked about our goals for the future and ways the county would be able to continue ACM's success in the area. County benefits such as the ICBN (Inter-County Broadband Network), connections with Howard County Community College for developing educational programs for both Board members and Community Managers, and county recruitment and hiring services were also discussed.

ACM would like to thank the Ambassadors for taking the time to come meet with the Senior Staff to review ways the county can assist our company's growth.