2011 Administrative Savings

ACM's second year of implementing our client portal website service, www.acmhome.com, has come to an end and the administrative savings have continued to grow! In 2011, ACM saved associations an additional $31,442.97 in administrative expenses, resulting in a total savings of $96,155.10, or 27.5%, since the inception of our website service in January, 2010. The utilization of the website has played a key role in continuing to reduce expenses paid by the association. Administrative expenses include costs such as postage, copies, storage of paper records, printing and bulk mailings.

We would like to recognize the following associations for their outstanding participation with www.acmhome.com resulting in significant savings:

Association's saving over 30% from 2010:
6155 Shadywood Condominium
* Birchwood at Kings Park Homeowners Association
* Broadfield Homeowners Association
* Burmont Community Association
* Clary's Forest I Condominium
* Clary's Forest II Condominium
* Columbia Park Condominium
* Ellicott Hills II Condominium
* Fieldstone 5910 Condominium
* Gateway Condominium
* Governor's Grant Master Association
* Governor's Grant Condominium I
* Kings Woods Homeowners Association
* McDonogh Township Homeowners Association
* Montgomery Meadows II Homeowners Association
* Oakside Community Association
* Pheasant Run Homeowners Association
* Silverbrook Farm Condominium
* Townhomes at Emerson Homeowners Association
* Tollhouse Community Association
* Willowood Homeowners Association

Association's Saving over 40% from 2010:
* Fairway Overlook Condominium Association
* Hunter's Hollow Homeowners Association
* Settlers View Homeowners Association
* Summers Run Homeowners Association
* Waverly Woods Homeowners Association

Congratulations to the top three Associations:
* Stream View Homeowners Association – 52.68%
* 7315 Maplecrest Condominium – 68.66%
* Patapsco Ridge Homeowners Association – 81.71%

When homeowners register to use the website service, they are agreeing to receive all association correspondence electronically via email. This greatly reduces the cost of paper, copies and postage charged to the association. Along with receiving correspondence electronically, they are able to view all association information, to include governing documents, association policies, meeting minutes, newsletters, etc. online, as well as all architectural requests, violations and maintenance requests for their unit, resulting in less paper storage and reduced expenses for the association. With almost 10,000 homeowners registered and more joining every day, we anticipate the savings to continue in 2012.

If you haven't already done so, visit www.acmhome.com today to register and become part of the website for your home!

**2011 savings does not include the 15 new associations joining ACM in 2011.