Considerable Savings Observed in Reimbursable Administrative Expenses

Beginning January 1, 2010, ACM's integration of accounting, property management and community management software was introduced to our clients via In the first year of usage, administrative reimbursements paid to ACM in 2010 were $64,712.13 less than in 2009, a total savings of 17.9% for associations. Administrative reimbursements include costs such as, postage, copies, storage of paper records, printing and bulk mailings.

The savings recognized has a direct correlation with each associations involvement with the website, A combined effort of both the Board of Directors of the associations and ACM has been necessary to encourage homeowners to register for the website service in order to help the association save additional administrative costs. With the use of the website we are able to store community information electronically online at no cost to the association, communicate with homeowners via the website and email, as well as reduce the administrative reimbursement expenses that were paid in the past.

Along with cutting down on paper usage and promoting ACM's "green" approach to business, our client portfolio increased in 2010 with 23 associations joining us, making the savings much more significant. Opportunity exists for more savings for our clients with the use of direct debit and e-check payments provided at no cost to the association, which eliminates the need for the purchase of coupons or statements. *

Combined, all the features of the website have generated substantial savings for ACM associations. The more homeowners register for, the more savings the association will see.

* Administrative reimbursable expenses do not include the cost of coupons or statements.