ACM Launches New Website

As of today, January 1, 2010, ACM would officially like to welcome you to the world where the internet can facilitate a tangible "sense of community" and establish a platform for social interaction. Combining local content, convenient access to neighborhood resources, and group communication tools, Resident Interactive, ACM's new website partner has developed an Intranet platform that essentially acts as an operating system for the neighborhood and the broader community.

Imagine being able to use your community website to book a baby sitter, check school schedules, create your personal and community or club calendar, contact a plumber, check the status of your architectural application, view a how-to video on drywall repairs, and participate in an on-line community survey, all from your secure community website environment. The list goes on and on and we have the ability to add even more. The website developed and made available to you by American Community Management at no additional cost to your community, is a secure, community based network that will give you more freedom, power and unique control over your homeowner account with one click access. From the moment you log into your web page, you will see that your site will be completely customized and personalized to you and to your community and the area in which you reside. We are working to make www. the website for your home.

By integrating SenEarthCo, an online community administrative management service and Smartstreet, an online banking system into, you will not only be able to pay your fees online and view your account, but you will also be able to create maintenance work orders and architectural requests.

Log on today to register and take advantage of the features that are already available to you!
  • View your real time account status
  • Pay your bills online
  • Request maintenance service via an easy-to-use online form
  • Contact local service providers like a plumber or carpenter
  • Check the status of your architectural application
  • Access user manuals for you appliances and home electronics
  • Check local and community events
  • Network with friends and neighbors