ACM Open House Recap

ACM's Open House was held Thursday, November 5, 2009 and was a great success. Boards of Directors from many of our communities visited our offices over the 8-hour event, meeting with staff and participating in presentations given by:

Paul Dolfi, National Sales Manager, Smartstreet, RBC BankUSA
  • Smartstreet is the online banking system that ACM uses. Smartstreet combines traditional banking services with the latest technology to bring you quick online information.
Dennis Papalois, President, Resident Interactive and Erin McCullin, Website Coordinator, American Community Management, Inc.
  • Resident Interactive is an interactive community website where homeowners will be able to connect with other residents as well as have homeowner tools available to them right at their fingertips.
Traci Lehman, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Vice President Association Management, SenEarthCo
  • SenEarthCo is the new online administrative management service that ACM will be utilizing.
There was an agreement by those in attendance that ACM's new level of service in 2010 will be an important tool that will assist boards and homeowners to build stronger communities.

Thank you to all that attended and pitched in to make ACM's Open House a successful event.