Positive Feedback from ACM Board Survey Leads to Addition to the Board Reference Library on www.acmhome.com

For the past month, ACM has asked for board members to provide feedback about ACM and the services we provide to their community association via the Board Feedback Survey on www.acmhome.com. Participation is continuing to grow and we've received very positive and informative responses to date.

Back in November, ACM created the Board Reference Library on www.acmhome.com to provide helpful articles, publications, links, and community resources for board members. One of the questions asked on the Board Feedback Survey was about how helpful this tool was for board members.

As of March 30, 2011, more than half of survey participants have agreed that the articles posted from various community management sources on a wide variety of subjects have been useful in assisting board members with their role. With that said, the vast majority of survey participants also agreed that references and performance comments about contractors and service providers from other board members of different associations would assist with the governance of their associations. Because of this positive feedback about the tools provided to board members on www.acmhome.com, ACM has decided to create a "Service Reviews & Recommendations" discussion board. This will be available to all board members in the Board Reference Library and it allows them to submit comments about contractors and service providers, such as landscaping and legal services, working with their associations.

The Board Feedback Survey will be available to all board members on www.acmhome.com until April 30, 2011. We encourage all board members to participate and submit their comments and/or suggestions for ACM. If you would like to participate, but aren't registered on the website, go to www.acmhome.com and click on the "Register" link. Your feedback is important to us and helps us provide the best quality service possible to your association!