CAI's Chesapeake Chapter Features ACM in Membership Spotlight

American Community Management was featured in the Membership Spotlight section of CAI's Chesapeake Chapter's winter 2011 newsletter, The Beacon. Read the full article as it appeared in The Beacon below.

American Community Management (ACM) was founded in 2001 by merging two management companies in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, each with more than 15 years experience. Over the past decade, our company has established itself as a leader in community management of condominium and homeowners associations throughout Maryland. We are currently servicing over 25,000 households within 187 residential properties, and an additional half a million square feet of office condominiums. ACM has two offices, with the main office located in Columbia and a satellite office in Timonium.

ACM is an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®). We earned that designation in part because of our commitment to the continuing education of our employees. We seek out educational programs offered by many industry sources, as well as those offered by the Maryland university system.

American Community Management has embarked on a plan to increase the value that communities can receive from their management company. The community manager will be joined in their efforts to provide services to our communities by members of the newly created Property Management Department.

The Property Management Department consists of a team of facility managers that are dedicated to bringing the correct maintenance solution to the communities we manage. From routine maintenance to emergency services, the property manager will provide the Boards of Directors with the right solution. Focused attention to the proposal process, along with the knowledge and consideration of potential contractors, will help ensure that ACM's managed communities meet the expectations of the community boards and their members.

ACM's community portal website, is a critical component of our business and provides the platform where our innovative systems merge. We have designed a portal that serves as a gateway to homeowner interaction and community involvement. Communication, awareness, and proactive residents are vital to all associations and our goal is to create a website where owners are inclined to visit frequently. This is achieved by personalizing the website for each homeowner, with links to community related information and a "one stop shop" for access to pertinent association documents.

ACM is constantly researching and integrating the latest technology to maximize our potential as managing agents. By investing in the services of companies that provide accounting, management and maintenance software, we have been able to create a platform to streamline information seamlessly and efficiently for our clients in a fashion that few others can deliver. ACM's utilization of technology has saved our clients over $75,000 in administrative fees in the first year of this program. Proactively pursuing new and innovative ways to assist our associations and deliver services is our priority. By investing in the best tool and technologies today, we better position ourselves and our clients for the future.

Please visit us at to learn more about ACM and submit a proposal request for our services. We MANAGE to make a difference.