Reflect, Breathe & Give Thanks

As we close the door on 2020, let's take a moment to reflect, breathe, and give thanks. We are all well aware that 2020 has been a year of personal and professional challenges for everyone as we all have been touched in some way. For example, both our personal and our professional lives have been impacted by living the new normal including social distancing and thriving in Zoom Nation. 

​With our economy in such a fragile state with layoffs and shutdowns, it's not ironic that our livelihood at ACM has not been drastically affected. This is not a coincidence...this is a reflection of our loyal customers, teamwork, and an unwavering desire from leadership to work together and find innovative ways to ensure that no team member is directly affected during these trying times. 

So, as you move through hallways and workspaces, please take a moment to Reflect, Breathe and Give Thanks for there are many things to be thankful for that we all take for granted.

​Contributed by Odell Moon, Director of Community Operations, ACM Greater Washington