Spring is Here!

Spring is here…

This Spring is different we can all agree to that but make the best of this unusual Spring, by getting out periodically to enjoy its beauty.  Walk around the neighborhood.  Explore local open parks new to you. Walk neighborhood trails, say hi to new neighbors from a distance and check on familiar friends too.   Take a moment to sit out in the sun and read a book you have been longing to enjoy. Start journaling or writing a book.  Or start writing plans for that business you always dreamed about. Look around the house and declutter rooms.  Great time to sell those things you no longer need! Get back to those do-it-yourself home projects you never got to finish.  Reconnect with friends that you have to been meaning to call because life had gotten busy. Enjoy the quality time with family that you can be around. Meditate on the little blessing surrounding you daily. And for some of us disconnecting and decompressing is the best thing to enjoy this season.  Whatever you decide to do,  just do something refreshing like the Spring season.

Remember some say: Spring is a rebirth, renewal, and regrouping

Written by: Aletha Peters