The AAMC Advantage

Since 2009, ACM has been certified as an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC), a distinction that sets us apart from the competition. This accreditation is awarded by Community Associations Institute (CAI) - the leading community management trade organization - to management companies with a demonstrated commitment to industry best practices.

An Accredited Association Management Company must demonstrate that its staff has advanced training and certifications sufficient to meet rigorous industry standards. Accordingly, we have launched a training program wherein all Community Association Managers at ACM will attain Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) status by 2018.

In addition to our comprehensive training program, ACM also maintains a staff of highly experienced Community Association Managers, holds all pertinent insurance certificates and complies fully with the CAI Professional Manager Code of Ethics. Each of these factors and more contribute to our active AAMC accreditation.

Our AAMC status means that ACM communities can have confidence in the credibility, experience and expertise of our management services. This accreditation lends us a competitive advantage and guarantees that each of our client communities have well-trained managers who can handle the myriad of responsibilities involved in the business of community management.

To learn more about CAI and the AAMC certification, please visit their website here: