New Employee Spotlight - Community Manager Trainees

From left to right - Marnita Davis, Sandra Vann and Christian Klarner

ACM is excited to welcome three new Community Manager Trainees! Our Regional Community Association Managers have developed a Community Association Management training program for our Trainees to participate in to learn the industry and progress to the role of Community Association Manager. We are thrilled to introduce:

Marnita Davis
Ms. Davis joins ACM with 28 years of banking experience, 19 of which were involed with Commercial and Real Estate banking. Welcome, Marnita!

Sandra Vann
Ms. Vann joins ACM with rental and leasing management experience along with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Baltimore in Business. Welcome, Sandra!

Christian Klarner
Mr. Klarner joins ACM with editing, writing and disputer experience along with being an English major at Loyola University, Maryland. Welcome, Christian!

Welcome to ACM!