ACM Welcomes Cynthia Hitt Kent and Ursula K. Burgess Special Guest Seminar Presenters

One week ago today, ACM hosted our first Board member training seminar of 2015. Our goal was helping Board members to better understand and navigate their association’s governing documents. Record attendance numbers proved the topic is one of great importance and even greater challenge among Association Board members. In order to tackle this complex subject area, ACM welcomed two expert attorneys in the field:  Cynthia Hitt Kent of the Law Offices of Cynthia Hitt Kent, and Ursula K. Burgess of Rees Broome PC.

Seminar Speaker Cynthia Hitt Kent

Nearly 70 Board members chose to attend one of three learning opportunities: two on-site sessions on May 14th, led by Ms. Kent, and an afternoon webinar on May 15th, led by Ms. Burgess. Guest feedback was compellingly positive; both speakers presented engaging and immensely helpful sessions. Board members came away with a practical understanding of the document hierarchy and the why’s and how’s of the purpose behind the creation of the documents themselves. 

Webinar recording link available by request.

ACM is grateful to our speakers and to our sponsors, American Bank and Atlantic Maintenance Group, who partnered with us to host this event for our Association Board members.
If you missed last week's sessions, you can still benefit by requesting an electronic copy of the seminar reference materials or a link to view the webinar recording. Email ACM Marketing Coordinator Sara Rolf at to take advantage of these learning opportunities!

Thanks American Bank for sponsoring our mid-day session!

Thanks AMG for sponsoring our evening session!