Happy New Year

It has been our practice to invest in enhancing our services and in 2015 we want to do more.
We have added staff members and created greater levels of training, education, and new

The foundation of our company is our team. In 2014 we started a process that is bringing more
accounting and facility personnel to assist the community boards. We are unique in our belief
that the community manager is an important member of the community board's team but not the
only ACM team member the community board can rely on to assist them. We have chosen three
experienced community managers to lead the community managers group under the direction
of COO, John McElderry. The regional managers will work with their teams based on geographic
regions. The expanded facility manager, accounting and administrative groups will dedicate staff
to support each region. Our administrative group has taken control of our rapidly growing
Administrative & Accounting service. Group leader, Julia McCoy, is yet another example of
ACM's commitment to great employment opportunities within our company.

We remain committed to the Chesapeake Chapter of CAI and will continue to take advantage of
the education programs they offer. This year we joined the Maryland Multi-Housing Association
and will increase our commitment to the Institute of Real Estate Management as we seek a
greater level of education. In the past we have worked with local colleges and several business
professionals to assist in the training of our staff, a successful partnership we want to expand in

We are redesigning ACMHome. Our client website portal will include new features and a more
intuitive navigation system. Like all things new, help is appreciated and we have assigned this
task to our Director of Training and Website Services, Chrystie Reif, to work with our community manager and administrative group in bringing this vital communication tool to community members. As more and more of our service is being provided on-line, Chrystie will also oversee our conversion to Apple computers and tablets. ACM team members will receive training from Apple and local
service providers over the next few months to complete the transition.

Five years ago ACM made a commitment to our clients that we would make electronic
communication a management priority. Personal computers, smart phones and tablets have
changed the way we talk to each other which makes the availability of interactive community
websites a necessary amenity for our active homeowners.

We are not ready to declare mission accomplished yet but with more than 60%, over 16,000
community members utilizing our web service, we are well on our way to giving community
boards an effective management tool.

Our company appreciates the continued support of our clients. We look forward to working with
each board of directors in servicing their community and we welcome aboard our eight new
client communities in 2015. Thank you and happy New Year.

-M.L. Herzberger, Jr., President