ACM supports Michael Gisriel for Maryland House of Delegates

I have spent more than a few hours in Annapolis during my career in support of my clients and my company, but I have never publicly supported a candidate for elected office at any level. More importantly I have never asked my clients to support a candidate. 
However, this year the lobbyist who has supported my efforts over the past seven years on a number of community association issues is running for the House of Delegates from the 12th Legislative District in Baltimore County. 
Michael Gisriel has been instrumental in saving community managers and common interest communities millions of dollars since joining with us in Annapolis.  We need the support of legislators who understand the difficulties community boards face in governing their communities and Michael certainly has the background and experience needed to represent us in the House of Delegates. You can learn more about Michael's candidacy at:
By: M.L. Herzberger, Jr., President