University of Maryland Conducts Research to Develop Class about Community Association Governance

One of ACM's core beliefs is the importance of education for both Board of Directors of community associations and Community Association Management professionals. ACM, in coordination with the University of Maryland Institute for Governmental Service and Research (IGSR), is currently exploring the possibility of advanced leadership training and educational opportunities about community association governance.

University of Maryland researchers began this process by conducting interviews with ACM staff members of all departments to learn more about their roles in the community association governance process and what types of educational developments would assist with their responsibilities. After interviews were finalized, the researchers facilitated three (3) focus group sessions held with board members of ACM associations. These focus groups gave board members the opportunity to discuss with one another their experiences as board members and the types of educational training that would be beneficial in assisting them while performing their voluntary duties.

ACM would like to thank all of the board members that expressed interest in this opportunity and were able to participate. The researchers will be compiling the data they gathered over the course of the last month and it is our hope that a class about community association governance will be developed.

To learn more about the University of Maryland Institute for Governmental Service and Research (IGSR), please CLICK HERE.