ACM Community Managers Participate in Mediation Workshop

On June 1, 2011, ACM hosted a Mediation Workshop with the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County. Janet Bayer, Director of the Community Conferencing Program and Robyn Engle, Mediation & Outreach Specialist, led the workshop with ACM's Community Management Department.

The workshop included several exercises to help the Community Managers understand conflict and how to effectively handle those types of situations when they occur within community associations. The Community Managers learned active listening techniques as well as how to ask open-ended questions in order to keep people from getting defensive and to really understand what the true problem is.

The Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County is one of seventeen (17) Community Mediation Maryland centers across the state available to assist communities with resolving conflict free of charge. ACM will be incorporating the appropriate contact information for the county Community Mediation Center on each association's website on as the first alternative to dispute resolution.