ACM Concludes Board Feedback Survey and Reviews Results

ACM concluded the Board Feedback Survey on April 30, 2011. All responses have been received and are in the process of being reviewed for action. Thank you to all of the board members who participated in the survey. Your feedback is very important to us and will help ACM to continue enhancing our management services for community associations.

While reviewing responses to the survey, one question had very similar answers from the majority of participants. When asked, "What is most difficult for the homeowners and board members when using the website?", most of them answered that navigation on ACM's community portal,, has proven to be difficult. After receiving this feedback, ACM is making it a top priority to work with our software providers to potentially simplify the navigation, as well as educate both homeowners and board members about utilizing the website features. The survey also determined that most board participants plan increase use of the website this year and our goal is to make the online tool as easy to use as possible for residents.

Thank you again to all of the board members who provided ACM with feedback about our services. We appreciate your participation and value your responses.