Mediation as an Alternative

Conflict within a community association is not unheard of. In fact, it happens more often than one would like to admit. ACM has been introduced to Community Mediation Maryland, founded and incorporated in 1999 by several Community Mediation centers working with the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO). Today there is a total of seventeen (17) Community Mediation Centers across Maryland that are available to assist community associations with the conflict resolution process. Participants are able to speak their mind, understand each other and reach self-determined agreements to possibly resolve issues before they escalate to legal action.

ACM has had the opportunity to meet with a representative from the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County and is planning on coordinating workshops for employees as well as providing contact and referral information for all community associations. Mediation should be considered as the first step in conflict resolution and dealing with community association legal issues. There is no cost for utilizing this service but more importantly, mediation helps build a stronger community.

To learn more about Community Mediation Maryland and to find a Community Mediation Center that services your area, visit them online at